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Review: Treat Collection Nail Polish

How annoying is a gloopy nail polish that is so thick it's impossible to apply evenly and takes forever to dry?

If you are searching for a gorgeous line of 5-free polishes that are incredibly easy to work with, you need to check out Treat Collection! This Berlin-based brand has a stunning color range of fussless polishes that apply like silk! Packaged in elegant, square glass bottles with sleek gold caps, these polishes retail at $18 USD for 0.5 fl. oz (15 ml).

Treat Collection Nail Polishes: Laughing Out Loud, Outdoors, and Snow Drops

Here is a quick outline of my experience with these gorgeous polishes! To really put these polishes to the test in their purest state, I didn't use a top coat or a base coat.

  • Flexible, mid-sized brush that easily disperses polish over the nails and creates a crisp line at the cuticle

  • Luxuriously smooth consistency that allows the polish to glide onto the nail without leaving any streaks

  • 2 coats results in almost complete opacity (Snow Drops has a sheerer formulation and required a 3rd coat) 

  • Each coat takes about 3-5 minutes to be dry to the touch

  • Beautiful, glossy finish that starts to dull a bit after about 2 days (I think a shiny top coat would definitely extend the brilliant sheen)

  • I noticed minor chipping toward the tips of my nails after 4 days of wear

  • These polishes are not quite pillow proof! I woke up to several indentations after applying this polish the previous afternoon. While it didn't ruin my manicure, it was a bit surprising! However, these impressions seemed to smooth out nicely with wear.

  • Removes easily without tinting or staining the nails

Swatches of Treat Collection Nail Polishes in Outdoors, Snow Drops & Laughing Out Loud
From left to right : Outdoors, Snow Drops & Laughing Out Loud

I am so impressed with these Treat Collection polishes! They are incredibly pigmented, gorgeously glossy, and apply with such ease! The color selection is outstanding and there are a few different finishes to choose from (sheer, shimmer, classic). The brush supplied with these polishes is awesome! It is just flexible enough to cover the nail nicely and in a controlled manner. The staying power of these polishes is also noteworthy, but beware that they do indent slightly. I still need to try these with a top coat and a base coat, but I am officially obsessed! What color should I test out next?

Review of Treat Collection Nail Polishes in Laughing Out Loud, Snow Drops & Outdoors

5-Free Nail Polishes are free from the following: Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor. 

Have you tried any Treat Collection polishes? Do you have a favorite 5-free polish?


  1. Thank you for this review—I've never heard of this brand before and am interested in trying more 5-free nail polishes. What beautiful colors!

    1. This was my first time trying Treat Collection and now I am obsessed! Their colors really are beautiful! <3